Jean & Bill from Wollongong

Jean and Bill were finding they were often running out of water. Through the week they didn’t have a problem but on weekends and holidays when the family all came to stay they were often without water for a few hours at a time.

Bill was concerned that if a bushfire came through when the water was low that they wouldn’t be able to fight the fire. Being without adequate water was putting the property at risk.



Bill had some storage in the form of 2 poly tanks (20,000 litres each) with a pump system that pumped water from the creek on their property. This was fine when it was just the 2 of them but when the family came to stay there was up to 16 people using this limited water supply. With up to 8 teenagers and 8 additional adults staying for weeks over the Christmas break and a 5 minute shower using 100 litres of water, the water supply was being pushed beyond its limits.

The creek usually had enough water but in the last few years they had found the levels were dropping, especially in summer. The farmhouse on the property had quite a sizable roof catchment area that wasn’t being fully utilised.



With the current system there was no fire reserve. If the creek was low or the pump wasn’t working properly there would be no water to fight a fire. The poly tanks would simply melt if the fire came close to the house and then no water supply at all would be available at all.

Bushfires weren’t a huge issue in the area but over the last few years they had noticed the fires were getting more severe and coming closer to their property. It was time to act before the next bushfire season.



After discussions with Joel Flood from NSW Water Tanks the local authorised dealer of Pioneer Water Tanks,  the following was decided

  • Water storage needed to be increased to allow for the influx of family
  • Water storage needed to include a fire reserve and be fire resistant
  • Roof catchment should be better utilised leading to less reliance on the creek and pump system




Option 1

Install a lined steel panel water tank of large capacity. A large tank is the most cost effective solution and are proven to be fire resistant even when directly exposed to a fire front


  • Pioneer Water Tanks are fire tested and use the best liner available – Aqualiner
  • Several outlets are needed to ensure access for the rural fire brigade
  • The problem here was fitting a large tank in the area near the house


Option 2

2 smaller tanks that were connected but could still be used in isolation.

  • A smaller space could be used as the 2 tanks could be side by side
  • Both tanks could be used when the whole family was there but only one needed to be in use when it was only the 2 of them


Both option included a backup pump from the creek for times when rainfall was low

Bill decided the 2nd option was preferable because the tanks could be placed side by side in his preferred location.



After consultation with Joel, Bill and Jean decided on 2 GT90 giving 180KL of water storage. They decided this would be sufficient water for them when it was only the 2 of them and would allow for the times when the family were in residence. With an additional pump they would be able to pump water from the creek and have a strong flow of water in case of fire.

The following Christmas saw 18 family members staying for 2 weeks and Bill slept easy knowing the water supply wasn’t going to run out.

Bill and Jean were very pleased with the look and functionality of the tank system. They were glad the consulted an expert for advice. At NSW Water Tanks we listen to your needs and offer solutions and advice to satisfy those needs.

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