Wollongong Water Tanks

Local Wollongong Rainwater Tank Supplier

Durability, top grade fixtures and fittings and toughness are just a couple of the factors that need to be taken into account when planning to purchase your rainwater tank.

Pioneer Water Tanks have equipped rural Australia with water tanks for all forms of residential and large property applications. These water tanks are created to withstand the dynamic Wollongong environment, utilising BlueScope Zincalume or Colorbond ® steel.

Pioneer Water Tanks can be designed to fit your personalised environmental requirements.


Much More Than Simply Rain Water Tank Prices To Think About

The desire to create a water storage strategy is a significant one, and one that ought to take into consideration a wide selection of elements in order to make the most effective buying decision possible. Whilst water tank prices are a notable concern, other notable factors should not be discounted.

Durability, sustainability, and quality of product will determine the length of time your tank will last (and subsequently delay the necessity for this expense to be repeated). Your manufacturer’s warranty time period in addition to identifying precisely what is and is not included within the warranty is also vital.

As our products can last upwards of Twenty Years or more (all rural tanks are protected by a 20-year conditional warranty), a tank order with your local Pioneer Water Tank Dealer in the Wollongong area is definitely one that will produce peace of mind.


Water Storage Features

When thinking about the positioning of your water storage equipment, you will want to take into account what style of water harvesting process you plan to use. A wet water harvesting system (where the pipes run underground to your water storage tank), can virtually be installed anywhere you want.

A dry water harvesting system (where water is accumulated from your rooftop/ seamless gutter and transferred directly to your steel water tank), will have to take distance from the compilation point into account. The further away from the water collection source, the greater the angle of the pipes.


Poly Water Tanks

Poly rainwater tanks may possibly be a great selection if your allocated area is restricted, you want to utilise a tinier footprint, or you need your water storage solution to remain on the move.

Factors including life expectancy, durability, performance, and water quality are all comparable when it comes to determining between a steel tank and its polyethylene watertank counterpart.


The Use Of Colorbond Steel

It’s a prominent simple fact that Colorbond ® is one of the most highly regarded and trusted brands throughout Australia (and absolutely within the Wollongong locale). Making use of this top-notch product allows us to place the faith we have in our rainwater tanks to deliver long-term top quality results for you.

When purchasing your Pioneer Water Tank, you can choose your favored Colorbond Colour, and take comfort that your water storage unit will look and perform fantastically well over a very long period of time.


Choosing The Ideal Rainwater Tank Size

One of the major benefits of a steel water tank over a poly tank is that a steel water storage unit has the capacity to hold much bigger volumes of water without being in need of a second storage alternative. Personal needs vary, and it might be confusing about what volume tank would best meet your residential or commercial property.

Our seasoned local team will share with you every single thing you need to know to ensure you make a great decision.


We Live and Breathe the Wollongong Region

Pioneer Water Tanks has provided quality service for Wollongong region for many years.  We understand firsthand, the variety of climate that is encountered within this environment. We also understand that the factor for each purchase is based upon distinct personal, environmental, and economic concerns.

If you are unsure about which way to go, or what alternatives may be ideal for your property, simply contact us and let us share or vast knowledge base with you. Our goal is to be of value to you, and assist you to make the most ideal buying choice possible.

So put us to the test and give us a call