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Rain Water Tanks

Rainwater is just one of our most invaluable natural resources, (particularly here in Wollongong) which has been collected within Australia since colonial times.

The volume of rainwater collected will vary depending upon location, and the water storage process being used.

A vast number of rural properties are required to source the majority of their water on their property, with rain water often showing to be a higher quality solution than standard household supply, rather than from a dam, bore or river.

A significant factor of any rain collection system is the procedure whereby the water is actually collected.


Rain Water Roof and Gutter (Dry) Harvesting Methodology

A lot of roofs may possibly be utilised for rain water collection, however you have to remember the angle of the pipe may need to change depending upon the space between the tank and the roof.

The reason for water consumption will establish the required quality level of the collection method. A consumption example of a reduced quality water collection system would be for irrigating your backyard or grassplot, or saving water for fire fighting purposes.

Despite this being a low level example, you still may wish to protect it’s integrity by making certain the system does not include unsealed asbestos, that vegetation is not threatening the roof, and the utilisation of leaf screens on rain guttering.

For higher quality consumption demands, in particular drinking water, you have to stay clear of sections of roof containing lead flashing or asbestos sheeting, and stay away from roofs painted with pre 1980 paint.


Underground (Wet) Water Harvesting Method

This style of water collection will be carried out around the perimeter of your property, with the water being transferred below ground via a collection of PVC pipes to your water storage unit.

When using this sort of water collection system, it is necessary that the pipes are screened with a non-corrosive screen of not greater than 1m aperture.

A “wet” system could be converted to a “dry” one using in ground water diverters which would improve the water quality and saving.


Our Rainwater Tanks

Pioneer Water Tanks are readily available in a series of sizes to meet any condition you may have. Our rainwater tanks utilise BlueScope Steel ® for the roof and body, with an exclusive Aqualiner internally, in addition to the Colorbond ® range of colours.

These tough and long lasting industrial tanks are perfect to stand up to the rigours of an ever changing NSW environment.

With high quality accessories, we have everything you really need to create the finest water harvesting system conceivable.

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